Sunday, November 24, 2013

Learn how to lose weight the easy way

This article has been written specifically for those who are finding it difficult to lose weight, or those who are simply just having problems adhering to regimented training schedules and adopting healthy eating habits. By following the simple advice offered in this article the odds of achieving a healthier lifestyle should increase drastically. The most important thing to remember before embarking on a dietary/training regime is that the overwhelming majority of those who fail to follow these through do so because they are placing the bar too high. Their goals may be perfectly realistic, but the way that they chose to go about it is definitely not. There is a lot more to losing weight than just working out at a gym and cutting back on unhealthy foods for a couple of months. Losing weight is about making profound and conscious lifestyle choices, and above anything else, it’s an exercise in mental strength.
There are only two ways that healthy persons can lose weight and those are by eating less, by exercising more, or a combination of the two. There is no magical solution or wonder pill that will help people achieve this goal without any effort on their own part. The notion that it is somehow possible to lose weight without having to take any serious proactive steps is not based in reality. There are however some very simple methods that people can avail themselves of, and which will eventually see them achieve their goals.

When going on a diet it’s important to remember to take it slowly, and above anything else to set achievable and realistic goals. Most people are incapable of transforming their lives completely over night. The more stringent the training regime, the more difficult it is going to be to adhere to. If the only physical activity required to lose weight was to sit in front of a TV for 4 hours a day, chances are that everybody would be able to do it. However not everyone have the mental stamina to follow a rigorous exercises program that involves arduous physical activities on a daily basis. The lessons to be drawn from this simple observation are that slow and gradual changes are easier to follow through than fast and profound changes. In this article we are going to take a closer look at some of the slow, but highly effective steps that people can take to get into better shape.
The most important lesson when it comes to losing weight is to eat less. It’s a message that really can’t be stressed enough. If you are successful in reducing your food portions and if you manage to only eat at predetermined times you’ll have achieved more than 70 percent of your goal. Bigger portions along with less physical demanding jobs and changing pastime habits have contributed to an obesity epidemic that have effected almost every single nation in the western world. It goes without saying that the more food a person put into his/her body, the more mass that body is going to attain. By reducing your food portions you’re basically denying your body the opportunity to grow in size.  

Another common misconception when it comes to losing weight is that people have to change their diets from day one. Granted, you will have to change the type of food that you eat, or at least some of them. But in order to increase your chances of maintaining a diet you should only do so gradually. If the changes occur too quickly, odds are that you will fail in your endeavour. The best thing to do is to gradually introduce new and healthier foods, and slowly phase out the more harmful ones. If this is done over the course of a few months it’s not going to be such a massive shock to the system, and you are more likely to be able to pull it off.
The second strategy that you should adopt is to start walking around inside your house/apartment after each meal, instead of sitting down and being inactive. By simply walking around for an hour a day you’ll reduce the amount of time you spend sitting down, which should be sufficient to see you start losing weight. You can gradually extend these sessions and walk around for longer periods, once you get accustomed to the new routine.

The third strategy is to become more physical active in general. Instead of jumping in elevators whenever you are going up or down a building, start climbing the stairs. Stop parking right next to the entrance of the shopping mall/shopping centre, and instead park at the far end of the parking lot and walk the extra distance. Also start going for walks in the local park and begin taking leisurely strolls around your neighbourhood on weekends and in the evenings.
By introducing these very simple, but highly effective strategies you will gradually start to lose weight, and you should see an overall improvement in your general health. The best part about employing theses methods is that it will enable you to lose weight without having to endure the gruelling and strict training regimes that are offered at various fitness gyms. As with any type of challenge the first few days are always going to be the hardest, but don’t despair, once a routine has been established things will start to become much easier.

Another important thing to keep in mind, and one by the way that very few give much thought to, is that it’s almost impossible to maintain a strict diet for long periods of time. Staying away from unhealthy foods and expect to be able to do so for extended periods is unrealistic. Hence you should consider introducing a so-called ‘junk food day’ once a week, where you are allowed to indulge in whatever types of food that your heart may desire. This will make your new diet seem less challenging and much more manageable. However do remember to stick to the smaller portions and only eat at predetermined meal times.
In recent decades protein shakes and other types of health products have started to appear on the market and these are often touted as ‘magical wonder cures’ that will help you lose weight quickly. In reality however these products are a waste of time and money and they should be avoided. Not because they don’t work, or because they somehow give people false expectations, but simply because there is no need for them. The best way to lose weight is to eat healthier foods, by sticking to smaller portions and by being more physical active. Trying to lose weight by drinking protein shakes or taking diet pills in lieu of consuming normal organic foods is unnatural and should therefore not be encouraged. You are much better off eating normal foods.

You should also start writing grocery lists, and stick to these lists religiously, whenever you do your grocery shopping. Make it a habit never to buy anything that isn’t on the list. Most people will engage in impulse shopping and the products they tend to go for are often of the more unhealthy kind. A shopping list is a highly effective antidote that will prevent you from buying such unnecessary products, not to mention that it will save you lots of money. You should also consider setting up weekly menus where you list the types of meals that you are going to have during the week.
Any activity that involves physical exertion can be mentally challenging, and hence there should be a carrot at the end of the stick in order to entice you to maintain your focus and stick to your new routine. One very simple way to achieve this is by introducing a motivation jar, which basically involves positioning a big glass jar in a strategic location inside your house and put a few dollars in it at the end of each day. When the jar is full, empty it and use the money to pamper yourself. However if you fail to reach your goal, i.e. you cave in and completely quit your diet, then donate the money to a charitable organization. By employing this strategy you will add an additional motivational factor that should help you stay focused on the task at hand.

You should also start to record your progress. Put a detailed chart up on the wall that shows how much weight you have lost. This should serve as a morale booster and it should help you to keep pushing on. It’s important to remember that exercising may initially seem like a strenuous and tiring activity, but in fact the opposite is true. It is actually an energy booster. Not only will it help you to lose weight, but it will make you feel better about yourself, and most importantly, by taking small steps instead of a giant leap you are lowering the mental bar and not setting yourself up for failure. For most people a stringent military like exercise and dietary regime will fail to work because it’s simply too hard to follow through. In most cases such programs will only push the participants back to square one, disillusioned and unmotivated to start over again.
Contrary to popular belief it is not necessary to work out a gym on a regular basis, or to run 5 miles a day to lose weight. Losing weight can be accomplished by making some very simple, but profound changes to your daily life, and as opposed to signing up for an expensive gym membership, it doesn’t have to cost you a single cent. In fact it’s a bad idea to purchase a gym membership if you are struggling with motivational issues, as odds are that you won’t have the required drive to go there on a regular basis. If you want to join a gym you should only consider doing so after having firmly immersed yourself into the type of routines that are offered here in this article.

And there you have it, a simple and easy non-strenuous training and dietary regime that actually works. All you have to do is to follow these simple methods and you’ll be on your way to a better and healthier future. And the best part about it is that you don’t even have to leave your house to do so.
So get up from that chair, put away those chips and start pacing your unit :)

Good luck!